Over the last 10 years, the latest diet trend is to

eliminate fat from your diet. We’ve been told

time and time again that fat is bad for us.

Unfortunately, when you eliminate the fat from

foods, you are left with high sugar and fillers to

replace the fat. Since this craze started, obesity

has surged! The excess sugar causes weight

gain and contributes to heart disease by raising

blood sugar levels. Fat is not your enemy. It is true that trans-fats are not good for you. These fats come from chemically altered foods. Heart healthy fats like coconut oil, ghee, grass-fed butter all help to elongate the blood sugar curve keeping your body in a fat burning zone and protecting your heart. Fats are extremely important in maintaining a healthy weight. If you are looking to drop a few extra pounds, I challenge you to increase your (heart-healthy) fats. Personally, I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and don’t have a lot of time to sit down for a breakfast. But coffee doesn’t give me the fuel I need to see patients all day. So I add coconut oil or brain octane to my coffee to give my body a quick energy supply that doesn’t result in a crash (Bulletproof Coffee). Fats are great for your skin, hair, nails and help to reduce arthritis and inflammation within the body. Bottom Line: Start increasing your fats for an overall health boost.

Change your attitude to change your outcome.

Fat Fallacy    

Dr. Roger Siminski


I have taken supplements my entire life. There

are nutrients we just don’t get from our diets

anymore, no matter how healthy you eat. My

job has always required me to be at the top of

my game. I don’t have time to be sick or injured.

So I try my hardest to give my body the right

nutrients to keep me healthy. But I’ll admit there

are so many to choose from. I have a cupboard

full. If you're taking a ridiculous amount of

supplements daily, you could actually be making yourself worse. Vitamins can build up in the joints causing ashiness and stiffness. Our bodies can only process so much at once. So, get back to the basics. The nutrients that you aren’t getting from your food.

Here’s my top 5 recommended daily supplements. 

  1. Probiotic: Your immune starts in your guts. You need a healthy colony of bacteria to keep your immune system fighting anything that comes your way. 
  2. Vitamin D: We are all low in Vitamin D here in Michigan. Vitamin D is crucial for overall health. Find out the full list of benefits here. 
  3. Omega 3 (Fish Oil): Most of our food is heavy on the side of Omega 6. We need Omega 3’s to balance it out and keep triglyceride levels healthy. 
  4. Multivitamin: A good healthy multi vitamin will supplement any additional nutrients you may be lacking. 
  5. Fiber: If you are not eating lots of vegetables daily, it is important to supplement with a good fiber blend. Fiber is what feeds probiotics and sweeps your body of unhealthy cholesterol. It also keeps your body eliminating toxins regularly. 

It's not a secret that it's been a trying year for my family. A lot of unknowns and unexpected's. I appreciate the patience and understanding everyone has given me as I've been here, there and everywhere. While some things remain up in the air, one of the lessons we have learned is to remain joyful through it all. What do you do when you can't do anything? Those are the most trying moments. But fortunately, we have realized that no matter what, we have to find joy (Needless to say, this is still a work in progress). If you're facing a challenge, it's crucial to find something that brings you joy. It's true that your health depends on it. We have found joy in new hobbies, each other and the little blessings in each day. It definitely is not always easy. But is absolutely necessary. When you start to put your focus on the good things, your perspective completely changes. Sometimes all we can do is laugh. And laughter does the body good. There have been numerous studies showing the connection between your thoughts and your health. So the next time you find yourself stuck in a tough situation, change your attitude to change your outcome. Your health depends on it. 

My Top 5 Daily Supplements 

Dr. Roger Siminski


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